CCC-LF-HL-1bMy name is Patrick Kilchermann, and through an organization I’ve founded called the Concealed Carry University, I’ve had a unique opportunity to become painfully aware that very few people in the concealed carry “industry” are speaking the truth– or at least the WHOLE TRUTH – about what it takes to effectively defend ourselves. While some simply don’t think “regular” people like you and I can handle the full truth, many trainers and gun-store clerks don’t know it themselves.


That statement is definitely not intended to sound arrogant – the fact of the matter is that I believe true preparedness requires a healthy dose of HUMILITY. We have to be willing to study and submit to REALITY – learning:

  • How violent criminals think.
  • Why violent criminals do what they do.
  • What it statistically looks like when they attack somebody.
  • How we should react and respond to save our lives when they do attack.
  • How our gear and guns will and won’t behave in those situations.
  • And most importantly: how we can use all that information to become truly prepared.

The #1 Killer of Good Guys with Guns


Not everyone is ready to accept and prepare for reality. It is often a more involved and less glamorous path than buying a pretty gun, shooting some bull’s-eyes, and ‘calling it good’. One of my personal heroes, Pulitzer Prize nominee Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, declares that the #1 Killer of armed Americans and police officers is NOT criminals and murderers – instead, our #1 killer is DENIAL.

Denial is accepting misinformation as the truth. This misinformation eventually becomes myth.

There are a lot of myths of this lethal caliber out there regarding concealed carry. Some of these myths are not dangerous to our safety, but others absolutely are because they send us off in the wrong directions in our preparation.

For example, if we never learned that two-thirds of all defensive use of handguns occurs at a distance of less than 3 feet from our attackers – we’ll never know just how backward it is for us to spend 99%+ of our training squared off to a target 7 yards away.


And if we don’t consider the reality behind that “3 foot or less” statistic – the reality that most criminals simply will not attack unless they’re able to get the drop on you – we’ll never understand the importance of building and maintaining a dependable level of comfortable, ‘auto-pilot’ situational awareness as we go throughout our days.

The myths and mistakes involved with concealed carry go on and on:


    • The “find the gun that works for you” myth. At least 60% of the guns and gear out there were designed with sales and popularity in mind, not effectiveness in a fight. Which are good, which are bad, and what makes them poor choices for self-defense combat?


    • The myth that “Accuracy in Combat = Accuracy at the Range”. Statistically 77%* of shots fired in self-defense situations will miss their targets, even when fired by trained gun-handlers. Why is this the case, and how do we adjust our practice so we build effective “combat accuracy”? (*collected from NYPD deadly force incidents during the mid 2000s).


    • The “I’ll see him coming” myth. Roughly 67%* of the time, the bad guy is the first one to use lethal force. They ambush us. This tells us that a gunfight is not a clear-cut incident where a target pops up from behind a barricade. How should our thinking, awareness, and training change to give us the best chance of surviving this type of attack? (*Bureau of Justice)


    • The “I’ll have time to think and decide” myth. The average violent attack is over in 3 seconds. They are “blitz” attacks, designed to blindside and overwhelm us. We must be able to comprehend what’s happening, orient ourselves to that attack, draw, and begin fighting back within that 3 second window, or else there’s a very good chance we’ll be defeated before we have a chance to even draw our weapons.


    • The myth of ‘Fight or Flight’. The reason criminals prefer these ‘blitz attack ambushes’ is because it forces our minds into a state of reflexive reaction. The problem is, our bodies don’t only choose between Fight and Flight, but instead between Fight, Flight, and Freeze. And without specific training, many (if not most) of us are prone to freezing for 3 or more seconds when confronted with a sudden, psychologically and physically overwhelming attack.


  • The myth of one shot drops. 93% of single-gunshot wounds are survivable, and in the majority of recorded gunfights, good and bad guys report not even knowing they’ve been shot until after the fight ends. Handguns do not have “stopping power”. A bullet hits with exactly as much force as the recoil of the handgun that fired it. In order to effectively stop a threat, we must destroy something in the attacker’s body (or destroy his psychological motivation), that he needs to continue attacking us. This must be ingrained at the reflexive, muscle-memory level.

There are dozens more myths that we must always keep in check if we hope to become (or remain) effectively armed, and this isn’t even considering the multitude of myths surrounding post-incident consequences involving the police and legal system.

The bottom line is…


The bottom line is this: The ideas that most people have of what a self-defense situation looks like are not accurate.

They are fantasy. They aren’t going to happen. Believing in many of these scenarios is like believing in Santa Claus.

The problem is this: Our view of what we stand to face dictates how we prepare.

And if most people’s ideas of what we may face are not accurate… that means the way most people practice is NOT setting them up for success in a real violent attack. And every ounce of research we’ve done backs this alarming trend up:

The way we’re taught to think about concealed carry and practice with our handguns is getting good guys killed. In fact, we declare that the entire mentality is flawed behind the classic teaching of “shout ‘stop or I’ll shoot’ and then shoot to stop the threat.”

We believe an entirely new approach to becoming responsibly and effectively armed is needed:

  • An approach that is scientific and looks to statistical reality, RATHER than looking at self-defense anecdotally through gun-range / gun-store gossip.
  • An approach that does NOT make concealed carry out to be harder than it really is – but one that also doesn’t sugar-coat reality by telling us that being effective is as easy as “clipping a gun on and calling it good” – because it’s not that easy. There’s more to it than that, and I think you’re well aware of that.
  • An approach that keeps concealed carry in a healthy perspective in our lives. We carry to live and to enjoy a richer, more secure life. Concealed carry is much bigger than a hobby, but it’s also not the point of life.

Essentially, we need an approach that helps us become ultra-effective warriors while maintaining a clear, level head. We need training that will allow us to avoid violence whenever possible, but overcome, defeat, and survive violence when we can’t avoid it.

The 3 Pillar Approach to Effective Self-Defense:


This realization led me to a concept I’m spearheading through the Concealed Carry University called “The 3 Pillar Approach to Effective Self-Defense.”

See, most people who carry concealed are unknowingly unprepared to defend themselves because they’ve failed to look at concealed carry holistically. They don’t look at the big picture.

For example, where do most people begin with concealed carry? At the gun store. And hey – I made this mistake as well! But not all guns or gear are created equal – right? So how can we know what gun or holster or ammo or even which carry position we should choose BEFORE we know what a violent attack is like – or how our bodies will REACT – or how our equipment will PERFORM during that attack?

Third Pillar

That’s why gun and gear selection is – as we see it – the THIRD PILLAR of effective self-defense. Before we can look at gear, we must first look at REALITY to see how we need to practice and train. Which skills and abilities we will need programmed on autopilot ahead of time, and which we will neither need nor want.

Second Pillar

That’s why guided training based in reality is the SECOND PILLAR of effective self-defense. Only after you know what to practice and how to prepare can you take an honest look which guns and gear will best serve you. And when you do, you’ll quickly see that at least 60% of the guns and gear out there being pushed are nothing more than gimmicks designed primarily only to make people FEEL safe.

What about the first pillar?

We know the 3rd pillar can’t exist without having already built the 2nd pillar. But which pillar must be built even before we can begin our physical training?

First Pillar

The FIRST PILLAR of effective self-defense is Your MINDSET.

Without having the Warrior Mindset in place, excellent training and a reliable gun are useless. That’s because it’s the MINDSET that enables you to react prudently and swiftly in the moment that lethal force becomes required to save your life or other innocent lives.

The Mindset is what separates a sheep from a sheepdog. The Training is what makes a sheepdog dangerous. The Gear is what amplifies that sheepdog’s effectiveness.

And unless all Three Pillars of Effective Self-Defense are built equally strong and equally tall in our lives, our ability to defend ourselves and other innocent lives is at risk of toppling over.

I believe this shift in thinking is a critical element in the decision to become effectively and confidently armed.

A Critical Lack of Education for the Privately-Armed Citizen…

You know as well as I do, Concealed Carry and Effective Self-Defense are very deep topics that deserve some time and investment.

And even though I could easily spend the last few remaining minutes that I’ve got with you here today giving some good tips on a couple of these items –here’s the thing:

That would only be a Band-Aid. You don’t need a band-aid, and I’m not in the business of giving people band-aids.

See, when I was faced with the frustrating reality that the sort of education just didn’t exist that would answer all the questions armed citizens like you and I have, …and guide us through shoring up The Three Pillars of Effective Self-Defense in our lives, I began using my position within the industry to barrel down the path looking for answers.

“Why do good guys keep having to learn the sort of lessons that you just saw in that video the HARD WAY?”

“Why do good guys keep having to pay for the lack of education on this subject with their lives?”

Well… The deeper I dug the more disappointed I became.

It seemed to me that the general consensus among the people who HAVE this information is that…

A: It’s either privileged information that only those in the upper echelon of law-enforcement are entitled to…

…or B: “That average Joe Permit Holder simply can’t handle this information. They aren’t ready for it. They want to strap on a gun and say: ‘There! Problem solved!‘”

And one of the most frustrating attitudes I encountered was that “Hey – if that’s what people want, let’s give it to them.”

“Let’s keep making handguns smaller and easier to carry – never mind that they’re also more useless – and let’s keep dumping concealed carry training down further and further.”

And that is exactly what has happened.

Concealed carry training has been dumped down to the point where according to the general consensus, the only training we need is: shout “stop or I’ll shoot“, and then shoot to stop the threat.

But because you’re here, I know you see the devastating fault in this attitude.

I know that you understand – like I do – that saying “shoot to stop the threat” is like telling a second-grader:


Hey – calculus is easy. Just solve the equation! That’s all you have to do – solve the equation!

Okay… how?!

As this briefing has demonstrated, there are some very important things that you and I need to consider and put to rest, BEFORE we are in a situation where we need to “shoot to stop the threat.”

The bottom line is, when they said that people like you and I shouldn’t have this information, or that we aren’t ready for it, I disagreed wholeheartedly.

I believe we Americans are a nation of warriors, and I believe that those with the desire to carry concealed should be enabled and empowered because it’s my belief that good guys with guns are one of the last remaining lines of defense –

…and make no mistake, there has never been a greater need for an educated and responsibly armed population than there is right now.

I disagreed with these naysayers wholeheartedly, and so I set out to prove two things:

First, that achieving a level of effective self-defense could be relatively easy.

It doesn’t have to become a lifelong chore where you either choose between accepting weakness and vulnerability OR allowing self-defense preparation to consume your entire life.

I wanted to prove that not only could gaining the mindset and training be easy and fun, but that it’s much easier than most people imagine to equip yourself with a handgun that is comfortable, concealable, as well as effective at getting the job done.

But I also wanted to prove that I could make this education and information so accessible and understandable that ANYONE could benefit from it and incorporate it into their lifestyle, regardless of their existing skill level, or their health, age, or disability.

I wanted to build an education tool that would take someone with an advanced degree of gun handling and concealed carry skills and make them even more effective, just as well as taking someone who is a complete beginner and making them truly effective and confident as well.

I wanted to prove that all this could be had not by spending thousands upon thousands of dollars for one-on-one classes held halfway across the country which require weeks of your time

…but instead, that this information could be obtained for far less than the cost of your handgun itself, and could be taught on your own time, in your own home.

I took it upon myself to create this education mechanism, and after assembling a crack team and investing thousands of man-hours into study, research, demonstration and training, I believe we have.

Our Solution.

What we’ve built is a 7 disc DVD program you can do at your home, called “The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense.”

7 Disc Program 01

This is a program that we have strategically designed to guide you through the process of building up and cementing in three strong pillars of effective self-defense in your life: the warrior mindset, the skills, and the gear and equipment selection.

And even though this training program contains 20 hours of charts, graphics, explanations, concepts, lectures, demonstration, case studies, real-life scenario breakdowns, and tons more – one of my biggest priorities during the production of this program was that going through the material would be a warm, fun experience for the viewer.

Now even though this program is relatively new, having just been released here in 2014, we’ve already put this in the hands of thousands of armed citizens, and the reception it’s been getting is incredible. It’s making big waves in the industry already. Here’s what a few recent “graduates” from this program have had to say on our Amazon page:

This is by far the very best training course I have ever seen. It takes you through everything in great detail and shows you the reality of what a concealed carry individual is up against and how to train and deal with a real life threatening situation.

– A. Gonzalez

As a former military combat soldier I have previous experience with deadly force and various weapons. I found this course to be very comprehensive for armed citizens to learn the skills needed to survive a deadly encounter.

– A. Brinkman

Out of all the training I have submitted to over the years, Patrick Kilchermann and the Concealed Carry University provide, in my opinion the most complete course for the mental, legal, and physical preparation of becoming a legally armed citizen who will take the measures necessary to protect, themselves, their families and the public at large when necessary.

– C. J. Fiandach

I can’t tell you how impressed I was with Patrick who developed and presented this program. He is extremely knowledgeable and has a tremendous amount of passion that is contagious. I truly feel that he wants me to succeed and to do it right.

– A. Hunt

Patrick Kilchermann gives you clear cut guidelines to prepare for a confrontation, whether or not you shoot, and what to expect afterwards. “The Armed American’s Complete Concealed Carry Guide to Effective Self-Defense” DVD covers everything you need to know to prepare for a life or death situation whether you are at home or out in public. My only regret is I didn’t have this 20 years ago.

– E.G.

I think the first 3 DVDs should be required viewing for anyone of any age because it is the most level-headed real world description I have ever heard about how violence actually happens and how to avoid it.

– John Solter

Alright, now here’s something I have to make very clear upfront:

First, this is not an extreme training program. We’re not trying to turn you into a Navy Seal here. That said, when you finish what we’ve laid out for you here, your mindset, skill, and gear will be on par with some of the best out there.

Second, this program is for people who are ready to set aside anecdotal stories and pursue self-defense truth. It’s for people who know or who are ready to believe that ‘magic bullets’ and ‘one shot drops’ don’t exist. This program is for people who are ready to go to the next level.

And finally, this is not a beginner training program, and it’s not an advanced training program. This is a COMPLETE training program. What that means, is that regardless of where you’re at on the skill spectrum, you’re going to be challenged, pushed, and lead to a whole new level of readiness and confidence in yourself and your skills.

You will find no hard-nosed opinions in this program. We have no agenda other than to arm you with the truth. This program was not sponsored by any major or minor equipment manufacturer. We didn’t receive even a single penny from any sort of sponsor or advertiser. All you will get is the truth.

This program is based on stats compiled by thousands of armed self-defense encounters and attacks. In addition to the vast wealth of knowledge derived from the stats, you will see all of our citations and stats themselves, such as:

When violence is most likely to happen… Where it’s most likely to happen… Who is committing most of the violence, and what these criminals look like.

You will get the nitty-gritty statistics on gunfights themselves:

The average distance between the good and bad guy (or bad guys) during an attack… How long a violent attack or gunfight lasts… How many attackers there usually are on average… How many shots are fired… What percentage of those shots hit versus the percentage of those that missed…

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Okay – at this point, I’d like to explain in greater detail what you will see, hear, and learn from each of the seven discs of this program to help you make the decision that’s right for you.

7 Discs

Part One covers the first pillar: Mindset, and it’s made up of two discs:

  • Disc 1 called Building Your Mindset Foundation: Destroy The Top 15 Myths That Make Effective Self-Defense Impossible For Most People, and…
  • Disc 2 called Conditioning the Warrior Mindset: How The Correct Mindset Is What Separates Survivors From Victims.

Part 1

The first task of Part One is to build the warrior mindset.

Having this mindset in place helps:

  • Eliminate the natural human tendency to freeze when under attack.
  • Gives you the mental fortitude to withstand the psychological pressure of a violent attack.
  • Gives you the lightning intensity of a natural born fighter, so you can respond to an attack effectively.
  • This mindset renews your motivation to carry concealed, and
  • Keeps you balanced mentally by helping you set priorities, and see clearly where concealed carry fits into your life.

The second role of Part One is to enlighten you on what violence is, the different types of violence, how violence works, and how you must leverage this knowledge in an attack.

  • Being enlightened on violence helps you detangle and understand what is happening during an attack.
  • Why your attacker is doing what he’s doing, and what you must do to thwart and defeat that violent mental and physical energy.
  • And when you learn these truths about violence, you will no longer have a disproportionate fear of criminals – because you will get it.

You will see them for who they are.

The third role of Part One is to bust the myths and misconceptions about concealed carry, self-defense, guns, and gear.

  • You will learn the truth about the top myths surrounding self-defense, concealed carry, guns, and bullets, so that you can be fully aware of the realistic strengths and vulnerabilities of your body and gear.
  • Myths and bad intel make preparation impossible, because they send you in the wrong direction, so that the harder you work, the less prepared for reality you are.
  • But building your mindset on truth ensures that you are preparing for what you stand the greatest chance of facing. And you will smile when you hear people discussing:
    • the “mysteries” of stopping power,
    • one-shot drops,
    • brandishing,
    • shooting to wound,
    • warning shots, and everything else that most armed citizens are afraid of and uncertain about…

You’ll smile, because YOU will now know the truth.

And the final role of Part One is to educate you completely on concealed carry, guns, bullets, and self-defense.

  • You will learn about the strange effects that stress and adrenaline have on your body.
  • How to train mentally and physically to “vaccinate” yourself against those effects, so you’re able to act calm and cool under pressure.
  • You will learn the 15 steps that come immediately after every violent encounter, and how to behave, what to do, what not to do…, what to say and what not to say…, and how to get through each stage with your physical and financial freedom intact.
  • You’ll get a crash course in concealed carry law, including how permits work, how gun free zones work, where you can and can’t carry…, and what happens if you do carry there – and how to handle a routine traffic stop.
  • You’ll learn what conditions must be met for lethal force to be justified in any given situation,
  • And you’ll even learn how to balance fear and uncertainty, how to guard against concealed carry burnout, and even how to talk to and deal with people or family members who are against concealed carry.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Part One is over five hours long, and is easily the most comprehensive concealed carry education ever put in an at-home format.

But most importantly, when you finish Part 1, you’ll have the action-oriented mindset of a truly effective armed citizen.

When you’re finished with part one, you can move on to Part Two – the second pillar of effective self-defense, the training.

Part Two contains three discs called:

Part 1

  • Disc 3 called Avoiding a Gunfight: Situational Awareness Skills, Altercation Avoidance Tactics, the ‘Escape Mentality’, and the ‘Shoot or Don’t Shoot’ Test,
  • Disc 4 called The First 2 Seconds of an Attack: Understanding The Dynamics of Violence As Used By Criminals, And How To Respond For Success, and…
  • Disc 5 called Finishing The Fight: The Principals Of Handgun Combat That Every Armed American Must Know.

The first role of Part Two is to drastically reduce the odds that you’ll ever be attacked.

  • It accomplishes this by teaching you how to turn on and crank up your situational awareness skills, to give you the ability to see danger in advance.
  • Part Two will equip you with the knowledge of where and when violence is most likely to happen,
  • …as well as the crystal clear signs to look for that indicate that a person or situation or crowd is about to become violent.
  • It will arm you with the body language and attitude techniques that make you a very unattractive target to predators and criminals,
  • …and it will educate you on some “Jedi” techniques for de-escalating angry, threatening, or dominant people.

The second role of Part Two is to put you through the “first 2 seconds” boot camp, so you can learn:

  • What you must do in the first 2 seconds of an attack in order to survive and win,
  • …why you must do it, and how to quickly and easily develop the skills and abilities to do those things.
  • You’ll learn all about the dynamics of an attack, and how your attacker is running in what’s known as a “OODA Loop”,
  • …and why and how disrupting that loop will double or triple your odds of breaking his will to continue attacking you.
  • We’ll teach you how to permanently ingrain your draw stroke to deploy your handgun into your muscle memory.
  • We’ll install the dynamic and fluid concept of handgun retention into your muscle memory – that is, how to never let your attacker get his hands on your gun.
  • We’ll ingrain the instinct for lifesaving movement into your muscle memory.
  • You’ll learn to shoot your handgun instinctively, for situations where you can’t use your handgun’s sights.

By the time you finish, you’ll be able to draw your gun while moving, and put accurate shots on target within the first 2 seconds of being attacked, and you will have a crystal clear understanding of why this ability makes you five times more likely to survive a violent attack than the average armed citizen.

And for everything you learn, you’ll learn how and why most armed citizens who try mastering these important skills go wrong, and in doing so, make themselves worse off.

The third role of Part Two is to teach you the gun fighting skills and strategies for finishing the fight.

  • You’ll learn the importance of moving to cover, and how to fight from behind cover once you’re there.
  • You’ll learn what getting shot feels like, how it’ll effect your ability to fight, and how to continue fighting despite being injured.
  • You’ll master clearing all four types of handgun malfunctions, as well as how to ingrain reloading your handgun into your muscle memory.
  • You’ll learn to fight effectively from the seven different positions that you’re most likely to end up in during an attack – including on the ground, and on your back.
  • You’ll get prepared for the reality of fighting an attacker with your loved ones present, and for situations where you’re attacked in the dark.
  • And in addition to getting tips on physical fitness and how to choose and evaluate instructors and classes, you’ll get The Eight Lessons of Violence delivered through commentary on eight heart pounding self-defense incidences that were caught on tape – viewer discretion is advised!

Part two contains over 7 1/2 hours of concealed carry training and self-defense instruction.

It will serve as your complete guide and road-map for mastering handgun fighting, regardless of what sort of physical shape you are in, or how old you are.

When you are finished with Part Two, you can move on to Part Three, where we cover the third pillar of self-defense, the guns, gear, and equipment involved with concealed carry.

Part Three contains two discs:

Part 1

  • Disc 6 called The Armed Citizen’s Tools and Gear: How To Effectively Evaluate All Gear, and How To Select A Gun, Caliber, Ammunition, A Carry Position, and a Concealed Carry Holster, and…
  • Disc 7 called The Armory: Evaluating Extras (From Spare Magazines and Flashlights to Memberships and Attorneys), Gear Maintenance, And the Physical Effects of Bullets.

The first role of Part Three is to teach you how to evaluate guns and gear based on the demands of reality, rather than appearance or gimmicks – which wind up fooling most armed citizens.

  • By memorizing our Three Filters of Self-Defense Gear Evaluation, you’ll be able to throw 60% of the guns and gear out as junk, without even picking the gun or gear up, let alone having to go through the process of buying and trying it.
  • And by measuring your current or future gear against our “reality filter”, you’ll always know that you’ve got a gun, carry position, holster, and ammunition that won’t let you down.

The second role of Part Three is to dive deep into the important things we need to think about when deciding on every aspect of concealed carry gear.

  • We begin by explaining The Nine Factors of Self-Defense Handgun Evaluation, and why it’s a mistake to overlook any of those nine factors.
  • We discuss how characteristics such as caliber size, ammunition capacity, manufacturer, and firing mechanism all play critical roles in how able that gun is to save your life,
  • …and how factors such as the gun’s height, length, width, and weight all work together to determine how comfortable (or painful) that gun is to carry concealed.
  • For each of these factors, we give you the absolute “bare minimums” based on the outcomes of real-life gunfights as well as our personal recommendations for guns and gear,
  • …and even guidelines on how wide, tall, long, and heavy handgun can be while still being comfortable and concealable for your specific body type.
  • And finally, we tell you how to access the chart that we’ve made which compares the top 147 most popular self-defense handguns, based on these nine factors, so you can easily see how these guns compare to one another.

And that’s just the first chapter on handgun selection – the first chapter of 20.

We apply that same level of thorough detail to the selection of every piece of gear or method that you have to choose from.

  • How to choose where on your body you carry your gun.
  • How to choose a holster.
  • How to decide on a caliber, where we show you various bullets hitting simulated tissue at 15,000 frames per second so you can see how much damage these bullets do and don’t do.
  • How to choose what ammunition to use.
  • And the facts on all the accessories like lasers, pepper spray, tazers, flashlights, training accessories, air soft training devices, memberships in organizations, and self defense attorneys.

By the time you finish Part Three, you will be an expert!

The third role of the two discs of Part Three is to teach you how to maintain your concealed carry gear, so that it’s always ready in perfect working order at the drop of a hat.

  • We’ve got a 40 minute demonstration on how to completely disassemble and thoroughly clean your handgun, and how to spot the signs that it’s time to perform this deep cleaning.
  • We demonstrate how to perform the weekly 60-Second Functionality Check, and we discuss why this is so important to do.
  • We go over holster maintenance and warning signs, ammunition rotation and warning signs, and magazine maintenance and warning signs.

Part Three is over 6.5 hours long. We cover it all, and when you finish Part Three, you’ll be vastly more educated than 90% of trainers, and 95% of the people working behind the counters in gun stores.

My Promises to You:

If you decide to take this journey with me and try our program, I hereby give you my word on the following items:

  • Lifetime Guarantee: I unconditionally promise to refund your money completely if you ever send this program back to us. You can open it, watch it 5 times through, and even lose one of the discs. IF you do not believe this was one of the best investments you’ve ever made into your personal security, THEN I want you to have your money back. End of story!
  • Lifetime Customer Support: We’re not hiding behind a publisher or anything like that. This is program was researched, developed, produced, and sold “in house”. And absolutely: we have our own customer support team. We’re here in Michigan every weekday, and you can call us at 616-805-9008, or email us at [email protected].

How to Purchase:

You can find our product for sale on Amazon, listed for $199. This is a deep discount-from what many people tell us our program was worth to them in their journeys toward becoming effectively armed.

I strongly encourage you to read some of the reviews that you’ll find on Amazon, because I believe they demonstrate just how valuable this program is when put in the right hands.

See our Amazon Listing Here ($199):



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Alright – thank you so much for reading this letter, and for considering taking the 3 Pillar Approach to Effective Self-Defense. From one warrior to another, I hope you decide to take this journey with me.

Every red-blooded American should watch and master the information and training on this DVD to protect himself, his family and friends.

– Vern M.

Pat provides an all-important section on how to avoid a lethal force situation in the first place, something extraordinarily important in this day of increasing criminal and civil prosecution.

– Charles Haibel

Conceal Carry University has prepared me to be responsible and prepared. It has also made me aware of things I would have never known on my own.

– D. E. Haase Jr.

If you are a female who thinks she might want to carry a concealed weapon you need to watch these videos!

– Gypsy

As Patrick says, there are no “do overs” in a gunfight, so buy this set and increase your odds dramatically if you ever are left with no other option.

– Jim A.

I wish I had purchased this program BEFORE I began my concealed carry decisions… most of them were based in the myths which this program dispels.

– E.Parks

It will help you find the right equipment for you personally; gun and caliber, holster, lawyer, spare mags, and anything that you are going to need to protect yourself.

– Eric Day

I was in law enforcement for 20 years and thought I knew all there was to know about self-defense with a handgun. Boy, was I wrong!

– Johnny Caswell

I was looking for something more than just the concealed carry class I took. This is exactly what I wanted and it is worth at least twice the price.

– Scot G.